Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New slide-out sleeve says goodbye to leaks, debris

Leaks from your slide-out from a rain storm? Dirt, dust, and leaves when you retract your slide and the stuff just comes on in? Now an aftermarket supplier says they have the answer to those problems with a new slide-out sealing system. Here's more information and a video.

Made by Lippert Components, the new system is called the Solera Slide-Out Sleeve and Slide Topper. The Solera Slide-Out Sleeve attaches to both the slide room and the outside wall of the RV, creating a complete seal around the entire slide room. Dust, smoke, leaves, bugs, and debris are blocked by the sleeve against entering the interior of the RV-even when the slide room is retracted back into the RV.

The company says their genius includes a number of desirable features including no mechanical parts to break; velcro strapping that stops that nasty blown-away awning topper problem; no water pooling on top of the slide-out; no more ice build-up--it slides right off. While we haven't seen prices, Lippert claims their system is "a cost effective alternative to awning toppers."

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