Monday, December 31, 2012

Banish RV slideout squeaks

Many an RVer has been driven to distraction by a squeaky slide out. There's just something jarring to the nerves about this noise, perhaps it's the same affliction that hits us when fingernails are drawn across a chalk-board. What's to be done to exorcise those squeaks?

Wear marks on slideout arms.  R&T DeMaris photo.
First, with your slideout extended, take a close look at the slideout support arms. If you spot any "wear marks," it's a good indication of a primary source of nasty noise. Grab a can of spray-on dry lube. Shoot the wear marks thoroughly, then using a clean, dry cloth, wipe down the excess. Dry lube sprays are preferable to "wet" lubes as they are less likely to attract dust and dirt. You'll also find it useful to shoot the "teeth" on your slide out mechanism, if you have any.

Other anti-squeak tricks include ensuring that the squeak doesn't emanate from contact between the slideout seal and the sidewall of the slide. With the slide extended, wash and dry the sidewalls, then apply the appropriate wax for the wall surface.

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