Thursday, August 14, 2014

Keep your slideout corners from getting away

Got a slideout or two on your RV? Take a close look at the exterior of your slideout rooms next time you do a walk-around. Many slideouts have corner pieces installed -- they're an easy way to cover the slideout trim pieces where they join at a 45 degree angle.

Here's a problem through: These cover pieces can get loose over time and eventually blow off on the side of the road somewhere in Texas. One solution is to take them off and reapply adhesive using a clamp to hold them in place until the glue thoroughly cures. An alternate fix is to remove them, drill and countersink three or four holes, then reapply adhesive and screw them back into place. Once the glue cures, cut the protruding screws off the back side where the slideout meets the wall. This application will keep those pieces in place -- even in Texas!

Thanks to Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing

Protect yourself and others
from sharp edges of RV slideouts!

Cut your head just once on the corner of a sharp RV slide out and you'll race out to buy a set of these so it never happens again! Camco's Black RV Slide-Out Corner Guards offer a simple solution to the danger posed by sharp corners on RV slideouts. Simply place them on each exterior corner of the slide to provide a cushion zone. They're made of advanced UV-stabilized resin for long life. Easy to install and no tools are required. Learn more or order.

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